Gone But Not Forgotten

KB Home: (also known as Kaufman and Broad)

KB HOMES STINK: [NO LONGER ACTIVE] This website was created to make public the problems that the homeowners of the Chandler Creek community have to experience on a daily basis; their homes! It started out pretty much the same for all of them� Families ready to make the investment of a lifetime and buy a new home. Little did anyone know that they were about to throw away more money than some people make in three years! What you will find here is an ever-growing collection of defects that they have with their KB homes as well the problems they face in dealing with KB.

KBHOMESSUCKS.COM: [NO LONGER ACTIVE] A website dedicated to KB Homes.

KB Homes Kaputt. : [NO LONGER ACTIVE] A website dedicated to KB Homes.

The K&B Files. [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Judge for yourself how Kaufman & Broad Builders relate to their customers (homeowners) and their neighbors. These links were found on the WWW using search terms such as "Kaufman & Broad", "problems Kaufman & Broad" and the like. In part, they demonstrate that the issues at Oak Park Trails are not unique, but a recurring theme. We are not alone.

Kaufman and Broad Homes Suck . A Real Homeowners Point Of View [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Kaufman & Broad builds new homes. Homes should be built on a solid foundation and not on a companies reputation. Shoddy homes or shoddy buildings are not what you expect from one of the top ten builders.

My Experiences with Kaufman and Broad. [NO LONGER ACTIVE]100% Satisfaction. That's the goal of the Director of Customer Service of the Inland Empire for Kaufman & Broad. Let me tell you a bit about the experiences of the new homeowners in the tract where I recently purchased. To date, one or more of the homeowners have experienced the following.

Pulte Homes:


Pulte Home Nightmare. [NO LONGER ACTIVE] DON'T SIGN AWAY YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! We signed away our 7th Amendment Right to a jury trial when we signed a Purchase Agreement to buy a Pulte Home. This agreement had an Arbitration Clause. Be warned - don't let this happen to you!

PULTE HOME has been a total DISAPPOINTMENT for our family. [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Pulte Homes Corporation is one of the nation's largest homebuilders, historically advertising themselves as "Master Builders". Our goal is to inform the public and potential homebuyers about our frustating experiences with our home and provide access to other opinions and info about owning a Pulte-built home.

Blackstone VS Pulte
. [NO LONGER ACTIVE. ] This site was an EXCELLENT site concerning one man's fight with his homebuilder, Pulte Homes, and the results of a mandatory arbitration clause in the Pulte contract. This site is no longer active. We do not know if the problems at .....South Carolina have been repaired or not.

Pulte Homes. Freeing Nashville of its terrible tree infestation! [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Our experience, and the experience of our neighbors and various other Pulte Customers around the country, has been considerably different. This claim would have you believe that they have a good product and good customer service. In our neighborhood, both the product and the customer service were much better before the original builder was purchased by Pulte. Quality, size, selection, and service (not to mention the trees) have all declined since Pulte got involved.

Steve's Pulte Home Corporation Issues page. [NO LONGER ACTIVE. ] PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS.

David Weekley Homes:

David Weekley Nightmare [NO LONGER ACTIVE] To provide an instructive example, here we document our own family's toxic David Weekley home nightmare? We hope that by making available the knowledge we gained through our horrible David Weekley Homes experience, it will help you make the decisions necessary to keep your family safe.

DavidWeekleyHome.com [NO

Drees Homes:

Problems with Drees Homes [NO
LONGER ACTIVE] The focus for this site will be to warn other consumers of the problems we have and continue to face with Dress Homes.

Beazer Homes:

LONGER ACTIVE] Hi I'm beazerhomes
. My home did not receive the warranty service promised by Beazer Homes. When this site went online, service started. I like to think that my home is again under "construction". While my home is under construction this site will remain under construction. Please come back soon and visit me.

OUR BEAZER HOME HAD MOLD. [NO LONGER ACTIVE] We have a two-story 5 bedroom home built in Plano, Texas by Beazer Homes USA, Inc. in 1997. Our home had mold. In February 2001, we had to move out of our home because of significant mold contamination.


Wareham Development Builds Defective Construction [NO LONGER ACTIVE] In June of 2003 we purchased a loft at The Terraces at Emerystation in Emeryville, CA. We were really excited and had great plans of how to furnish the loft and call it home. We should have known after our walk through that the small cosmetic defects and severe lack of attention to detail was the signs of larger issues, but nothing severe was found at the time.

Kennedy Home Nightmare [NO LONGER ACTIVE] This house was built by Kennedy Home Builders LLC, and completed in November of 2005. The information contained in this website is factual. The purpose of this website is purely informational and not intended to disparage Kennedy Homes in any way. After reading the facts and seeing the pictures, each person can reach their own conclusion

CS Inc Home Owners [NO LONGER ACTIVE] A place for owners of homes built by CS Inc. to share their experiences. CS Inc. is owned by Craig Shepard in Snohomish County, Washington and is run by his son Kip Shepard. CS Inc. is represented by The New Home Team, whose goal is to "develop our builders' consistent profitability."

HansenHomesSucks.com [NO LONGER ACTIVE] This site, although currently under construction, will highlight the issues I have with my new home built by Hansen Homes and the lack of response I have experienced while dealing with Hansen Homes at 1436 S.E 16th Place, Cape Coral, FL 33990. 239-458-2100

I HATE ICON HOMES [NO LONGER ACTIVE] This site is dedicated to sharing our experience building a home with Icon Homes Inc. of Port Charlotte FL.

[NO LONGER ACTIVE] This is my Rottlund Home is a web site put up by the Manning family about their house built by Rottlund Home, Inc.. Water damage caused by faulting plumbing and the ensuing battle for repairs are the highlight of this site.

www.thekemmlerhouse.com [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Is a web site put up by the Kemmler family about their house built by Rockford Construction Services, Inc.

Say No to Ryland. [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Known as America's Homebuilder, Ryland Homes has become one family's American nightmare.

[NO LONGER ACTIVE] Welcome to www.huntingtonofproblems.com. This website was designed to inform the public of our problems with our 5+ year old Huntington Home. We have had many construction defects and toxic mold in our house. Please contact us if you have similar problems

www.american-heritage-homes-sucks.com. [NO LONGER ACTIVE] A website dedicated to American Heritage Homes.

[NO LONGER ACTIVE] A site about our home built by Royce Homes

www.bewareofroycehomes.com [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Royce Homes

Centex Homes. Buyer Beware! [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Any "unresolved dispute" (defined below) that you may have with the Builder [Centex], RWC or WPIC, shall be submitted to binding arbitration...." (ie you can't sue me!)

[NO LONGER ACTIVE]"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lingers long after the Sweet Taste of a Low Price is Forgotten" A Kimball Hills Homeowner in Austin TX.

[NO LONGER ACTIVE] Ocean Ranch. Another Shea Homes Site. Just so you know that you are in good company... I am 7 years ahead of you, here is what I started with... and ended with! I hope it puts your situation into a better light (or perhaps not). This company just keeps on doing it to buyers, over and over and over - again.


[NO LONGER ACTIVE] The Williams Residence For Sale Built by D.R.Horton Located at Montana Estates Henderson, Nevada 2499 Sedona Cedar Ave. Henderson, Nv. 89052 The Cracked Driveway is the first charming detail to welcome you to this beautiful home. The Professionally designed Drainage for this yard goes under your driveway without ANY support at all. AMAZING isn't it!!!

Homeowners are Made at John Wieland Homes.. [NO LONGER ACTIVE]

[NO LONGER ACTIVE] Hayward hornsby vs Henry Company Homes. In the early spring of 1995, Hayward Hornsby decided to pursue the American Dream: home ownership. By the summer of that year it had turned into an American nightmare. The following is the true story of Mr. Hornsby and his ongoing battle with a home builder who is attempting to abuse our government and the judicial system and manipulate them to its advantage. The statements made herein are verifiable through the public record as noted. The story is told to correct certain misconceptions previously reported in the local media and to help others avoid Mr. Hornsby's predicament.

[NO LONGER ACTIVE] Unhappy Hedgewood Homeowners Association. Thank-you for visiting the UHHA website. Our site is rapidly growing due to the tremendous response to UHHA's "Declaration of War". Please read the UHHA Goals and the "Declaration of War" documents by clicking their links at the left. If you are a Hedgewood Properties, Inc. homebuyer, we would love to hear from you. The "Hedgewood Horror Stories" are very real and many. As stories are written and pictures taken, they will be posted under the Horror Stories link at the left.

www.MyEagleValleyHome.com [NO LONGER ACTIVE] Eagle Valley Homes.com - Under construction.