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The Insurance Hoax Julie Tunnell remembers standing in her debris-strewn driveway when the tall man in blue jeans approached. Her northern San Diego tudor-style home had been incinerated a week earlier in the largest wildfire in California history.

Housewrecked Consumer Reports investigation involving extensive interviews with home buyers, building-industry representatives, inspectors, and others has found that thousands of consumers, faced with serious defects in their new or young homes, have spent millions on repairs.

Realty Times: 'Housewrecked' cheered, booed A Consumer Reports' new home defects study is getting the expected reaction from consumer advocates who say such a report is long over due and from the home building industry which chides the magazine for "preconceived notions" and a "deeply flawed thesis."

Building Homes Building Problems A special in-depth report by the Orlando Sentinel. The actual story is no longer available on the website but the information and data along with pictures and video is still available. Listed by builder, this is an excellent reference source that should not be over-looked if you are in the market for a house or are having problems.

Arizona Republic:'100 Houses a Day' Builders balance demands of workmanship, speed, profit. The Arizona Republic investigates.

St. Petersburg Times: Nightmare Dream Homes The facade of your storybook home may hide the dark side of Tampa Bay's building boom: major construction defects brought about by insufficient supervision, cheap materials and cut-rate subcontractors.

Texas Homeowners Clash
With Builder Over Tract Houses
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- KB Home promotes itself as a company that builds inexpensive tract homes for people such as Elena C. Rocha. But soon after she and two grown daughters moved in last September, problems surfaced.