Important Links


National Websites:

Federal Trade Commission.

File a complaint against your builder with the online form.

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Form

Find your US
Senator and Congressman information.
This is an excellent site with updated information on your US elected officials

Association of Attorneys General NAAG Full Contact List for the Attorneys General of each state.

Public Citizen Consumer Blog

A National Consumer Advocacy Group Founded by Ralph Nader

Better Business Buerau

You should file a complaint with the BBB. It creates a paper trail for other agencies

Laws - Civil Rights:

U.S. Code Title 42 Civil Rights

U.S. Code Title 42 Section 1441 National Housing Policy

Dept. of HUD Letters, Notices, and Policy Changes

National Associations of Attorney Generals. Find your attorney General Site.

Insurance Websites:

Policy Holders
of America.
Policyholders of America, or POA, is a take charge organization that helps you empower yourself. We don't whine. We get results. In the process, we make the insurance companies madder than hell. We don't care. We're here to help you, the policyholder, get the coverage you've paid for and deserve.

Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR) Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR) is a national coalition of public interest organizations that support effective insurance industry reforms to control skyrocketing insurance rates, reduced insurance coverage, arbitrary policy cancellations, mismanagment and other insurance industry abuses.

The Truth Behind Credit Scoring in Insurance. Explore this site and learn of the practice of insurance scoring. If you have been victimized, share your story. Then Get Involved!!

National Toxic Mold Coalition and

Manufactured Homes Websites:

The American Internet Society of Manufactured Home Owners. A MUST visit site for all Manufactured Home Owners.

Consumer Advocates Websites:

Ask The Builder Ask The Builder is a web site where you can educate yourself about just about every aspect of a home. This would include; window, concrete, building materials, etc.

Texas Watch. TEXAS WATCH is a bi-partisan advocacy organization taking a stand against wealthy special interest lobbyists

Texans for Public Justice. Texans for Public Justice is a non-partisan, non-profit policy and research organization which tracks the influence of money in politics. Learn about the fight to protect citizen rights and enforce corporate accountability in Texas.

Texas Public Interest Research Group

Public Citizen. Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded by Ralph Nader in 1971 to represent consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch and the courts.

Bad Business Bureau Complaints
Features Bad Builders 
Click to read complaints on file at the BBB and file your own complaint.  Don't forget to also register your complaint with HomeOwners for Better Building.

Homeowners for Mediation and Education (HOME) SICK OF BAD BUILDERS We are a nonprofit organization of home buyers who have had experiences with bad builders and remodelers.  Our goals are to educate consumers about the potential risk of building or buying a new home in Texas, to lobby and educate legislators about the inequities of current  laws, and to promote mediation as
a means of resolving disputes related to homeownership.

California Homeowners- Your Legal Rights.
When consumers buy a new home or contract for additions and/or remodeling of an existing home: They have the right to safe and sound, quality construction. Regardless, substandard new-home construction and remodeling is a growing national problem. Protect yourself!

Other Websites:

Home Siding Claims.  A site to help homeowners with defective siding. Sythetic Stucco information.

Homeowners Warranty (HOW) in Receivership. HOW was suppose to be a 10 year homeowners warranty. It went into receivership in 1994. See the official site concerning this issue.