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Has your manufactured home met the dealer's promises and your expectations--or did the dealer dawdle completeing the initial installation and warranty repairs you requested? Did you pay too much for the home? Did your high cost loan eventually cost more than you could afford?
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American Internet Society of Manufactured Home Owners
. A MUST visit site for all Manufactured Home Owners.

The Manufactured Home Buyer's Handbook. Will Your "Dream Home" become a Nightmare? Don't become another industry victim!.

Manufactured Home
Consumers Union Study:
Fraud and Misrepresentation All Too Common in Sale of Manufactured Homes - Experience Much More Akin to Buying a Used Car Than a Site Built Home

14, 2002 --
The manufactured home buying experience in Texas often resembles an old-fashioned high-pressure auto deal and may be tainted by allegations of dealer fraud and misrepresentation, according to a Consumers Union study released today. The study analyzed more than 400 manufactured home consumer complaints filed with the Texas Attorney General or the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner primarily in 1999 and 2000. The two largest categories
of complaints were dealer fraud and misrepresentation (46 percent) and consumers upset about the condition of the home (41 percent). The report noted that manufactured homes should not be considered a "reasonable alternative for low-income home buyers" without market reforms designed to protect consumers from fraud and predatory loans that strip equity. "Consumers
should know going in what lenders, dealers and investors know already: A manufactured home loan can be risky if you owe more than the home is worth."
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Modular Home Scams

Manufactured HomeIt's NOT US, it's THEM... Welcome! If you've landed here, you are worried at the very least. If you're like us, worried is a distant memory. Quite honestly, we've crossed over from worried and suspicious to ripped off. Although, we have resolved ourselves to the fact that we have been ripped off and need to move on, we REFUSE to keep quiet about this. We've been robbed of over $22,000.00 and we know we're not the only ones.
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National Survey of Mobile Home Owners - Executive Summary

From May 21 to June 3, 1999, National Family Opinion Research (NFO), under contract to AARP, conducted a telephone survey of 933 mobile home owners who had purchased new mobile homes within the past eight years. The survey sample was drawn from a nationally representative panel of approximately 35,000 adults whose mobile home is their primary residence.
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California Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI) - CODE COMPARISON SUMMARY

CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code and Model Energy Code - 1995 editions and the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards December, 1997 - This summary is based on a comprehensive comparison of the 1995 CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code, the 1995 Model Energy Code, and the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (MCHSS). There are many similarities in these codes, along with minor differences of slight consequence, and some differences of notable consequence. On balance, the codes are comparable. The following tables are intended to summarize the notable differences between the codes that were identified in the comprehensive comparison. The bold text indicates the code with the more restrictive requirement. For the purposes of this report, a "more restrictive" requirement is one that is more limiting of design discretion; it does not imply a value judgment.
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Manufactured Housing: Tips for Buyers and Owners

An AARP survey shows that more than three-fourths of new manufactured-housing owners have had significant problems with their homes. Even though 95 percent of these homes carried a warranty, only about a third of the homes with problems were repaired under the warranty, leaving two-thirds of owners to pay for the repairs out of their own pockets or not fix the problem.
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Formaldehyde - Our Homes and Health

- Department of Natural Resources, Ball State University

There is increasing scientific evidence to suggest that formaldehyde contamination of residential and nonresidential indoor environments may be responsible for a variety of
irritating symptoms which appear to be building related. Recognition that formaldehyde exposure can cause irritating symptoms in sensitive individuals has prompted governments in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, West Germany, and Canada to adopt or propose the adoption of indoor air quality standards for formaldehyde to limit exposures.
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Be It Ever So Humble

Often derided, mobile homes are becoming a better choice for many. But how good can they get?
By Joe Tarr - JULY 13, 1998:
Squirreled away behind a thick cluster of scrub and trees on Clinton Highway sits Missy Turner's rectangular home. It is set parallel among dozens of others, each of them 20 to 30 feet apart. There is litter along the community's driveway, and in spots the grass cannot manage to poke its way through the dirt and gravel. A can of Raid sits on the stacked concrete blocks leading to Turner's door.
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This bill creates within the Division
of Professional Registration the Missouri Manufactured Housing Industry
The bill contains provisions describing the make-up, duties, and powers of the board and how those duties and powers affect those wishing to act as manufactured housing set-up contractors. Individuals wishing to practice as set-up contractors must meet certain criteria established by the bill, which include; completion of educational programs recognized by the board, completion of supervised field work, passage of an examination, meeting the minimum age requirement, providing proof of mandatory insurance (workers compensation and liability), and
completing a training course approved by the board. The board also has the authority to issue temporary limited licenses.
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ASHI home inspector and Manufactured Homes

Just wanted to let buyers of Manufactured Homes know what I've found out about inspections of new Manufactured Homes. A little background, I am a certified ASHI home inspector and have been around the construction industry for years. After looking around at several manufactures, we picked out the home we wanted.

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Dream home. . . or nightmare?

Manufactured Housing Has Come A Long Way. But It's Still 'Buyer Beware' In The Market For Mobile Homes. Christine and Michael Geary thought they'd found ideal housing they could afford when they moved themselves and Christine's children from New Jersey to sun-drenched Polk County, Fla., five years ago. The double-section, 28x68-foot manufactured home they decided to buy sits on a grassy one-acre plot, giving them more privacy than is common in a mobile-home park. Best of all, priced at just $55,000 for both the structure and land, the then six-year-old house fit their budget. But then the rains washed away the Gearys' illusions of easy-maintenance life in a manufactured home. The siding and windows leak, and the air-conditioning ducts are perpetually clogged from water damage. As he runs his hand over the flaking wood near the base of a wall, Michael tells a visitor that he still has 17 years remaining on the loan he took out to buy his home; he wonders whether the house will last as
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The American Internet Society of Manufactured Home Owners

This site deals with regulatory and legislative issues for manufactured housing. Its is comprised of reports and articles countering industry and government claims concerning this products safety, quality, and durability.
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MFG Housing News

The Manufactured Housing News was conceived over three years ago out of frustration and the obvious lack of respect shown to you. It appeared to us that everyone involved in the building, selling, financing or communities themselves were developing powerful associations.
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Manufactured Housing and Standards

State Administrative Agencies (SAA's): All residential manufactured homes (mobile homes) must comply with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Since June 15, 1976, manufacturers have confirmed compliance with the Standards by attaching a red label to the back of each transportable section of a home produced.
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AARP & Mobile Homes

How to Buy a Manufactured Home

A Consumer's Guide to Today's Manufactured
Home written by the Federal Trade Commission.

This article was originally found on the Federal Trade Commission's website but has since been removed. It should be noted that this link goes to the Manufactured Housing Global Network website.

Construction Weblinks - Research laws, regulations, building codes etc.

This is an industry website but still contains plenty of information regarding issues such building codes, specifications, technical data, and product information.
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