Hadd's Recomended Reading

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Mold BETTER HOUSES, BETTER LIVING
by Myron Ferguson

Better Houses, Better Living is the book that makes building, buying, or remodeling a home more satisfying than ever before. It's not that you can't live with unfriendly flaws, it's just that you shouldn't have to!

Buying or remodeling a house should be more than getting something that looks attractive. You deserve a user-friendly home, one that makes living better for you as well as one that's good to look at. When you have it, you'll find day-to-day living more enjoyable.

To learn more about this book, go to the website, www.betterhousesbetterliving.com/

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Mold WHAT EVERY HOMEOWNER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT MOLD
by Vicki Lankarge

A BLACK CLOUD HANGS OVER YOUR HOUSE. Toxic mold may be growing undetected in your home right now. Award-winning writer Vicki Lankarge exposes this predatory infestation - the asbestos of the new millennium. This book will help you protect yourself and your loved ones, with useful checklists and more, including: Telltale signs of mold infestation; Symptoms of mold exposure • Tips to prevent mold & moisture; Dealing with insurance companies; Avoiding real estate nightmares.


To learn more about this book, go to the website, Moldauthor.com or you can order it at Amazon.com

Handling Construction Defect Claims: Western States. HANDLING CONSTRUCTION DEFECT CLAIMS: WESTERN STATES
Third Edition by Thomas E. Miller & Rachel M. Miller

Tom Miller is considered, "The Best-Known Defect Lawyer in the West" (Orange County Register) and "The Man who wrote the book on defects" (New York Times).

Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings, call Mr. Millers Construction defect book, "A must for those in construction defect law and distressed homeowners".

The Miller law firm has gone beyond the call of duty in educating and informing the public and private sector about construction defects. To date, no other authors offer more insight into construction law in the Western U.S.

To order please contact the publisher, Aspen Publishing at 800-447-1717 or place orders through their website at http://www.aspenpub.com

For more details about the Miller law firm, please contact them through their website at http://www.constructiondefects.com

 Your New House YOUR NEW HOUSE
By Alan and Denise Fields

The Alert Consumers Guide to Buying and Building a Quality Home.

Authors Denise & Alan Fields (left) have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, ABC's 20/20 and in articles in the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and more. They built a new home. And like everything they would do in their lives, the experience inspired a book of its own: Your New House, was picked as one of the top 10 real estate books in 1993 by the San Francisco Examiner. "This book is, by far, the best book available on how to buy or build a new home," raved syndicated columnist Robert Bruss, imploring his readers to buy the book. Your New House was revised for a second edition in 1996, and again in 1999 for a third edition.

$11.95 (Plus $3.00 shipping) - Mastercard and Visa accepted

To order call 1-800-888-0385 or go online "Your New Home".

Build it Right BUILD IT RIGHT
By Myron Ferguson

Build It Right! was written because I saw so many things in new houses that did not take into account that people would be living in them. This usually arises from ignorance and the builder's necessary stress on profit. Many years doing telecommunications systems design taught me to appreciate the importance of paying attention to details. When we bought a new house and found the multitude of things between a refrigerator door that we couldn't open and a laundry room that was dangerous to Jean's health, I found my second career---helping people buying or building new homes.

"Build it right" can be found and purchased for $18.95 at userfriendlyhome.com, or you can call Toll Free: 1-(800) 530 5105 (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

You can also order by mailing a Check or Money Order. You must go to the website to get the mailing instructions and shipping fees.

by Thomas E. Miller and Rachel M. Miller

An invaluable handbook for homeowners with defective housing who are litigating or considering litigation: $8.96
"As the Attorney General of California, I have a great interest in protecting the general public from faulty residential construction. Your new consumer guide provides homeowners with a wealth of information." -- Bill Lockyer, Attorney General, State of California

"Home and Condo Defects: A Consumer Guide to Faulty Construction is a comprehensive resource for homeowners who believe they have defects in their homes." -- Jan Hickenbottom, PCAM, CCAM, writer for the Los Angeles Times Condo Q & A Advice Column

"At last, a simple yet comprehensive discussion about a very complicated subject matter that is affecting millions of Americans." -- Mike Packard, PCAM, CPM, Past National President of Community Associations Institute

"An invaluable handbook for homeowners with defective housing whom are litigating or considering litigation. To date, a trial of our peers is still the most effective and propounding method of holding bad builders accountable." - Sandy Skipper-Lopez, National Director, Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings, Inc.

To order, You must go to the Miller Law Firm or Amazon.com.

Residential Construction Defect Litigation RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION LAW IN COLORADO:
by Ronald M. Sandgrund and Scott F. Sullan

Attorneys Sandgrund and Sullan share the expertise they have gained from trying and settling many of the largest construction and material defect cases in the Rocky Mountain Region, including what are believed to be the largest class action lawsuits involving production builders and expansive soils in the U.S., as well as a $32.5 million dollar defective windows settlement and a $39.5 million multi-family development settlement in 2005.

"Residential Construction Law in Colorado" discusses legal principles and leading cases from around the United States, not just Colorado. Persons from outside Colorado can use this book as a helpful tool in spotting important issues and identifying leading cases and current trends as of the date of publication. The book includes an extensive discussion of related insurance coverage issues. The authors' journal articles have been selected as being among the best published in the construction field in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Copies of this book can be obtained from the Colorado Bar Association: contact CLE of Colorado, Inc.: 303.860.0608 (telephone); 888.860.2531 (toll free); www.cobar.org/cle (website).

by Lawrence Thomas and Robert Batcheller

This guide is the culmination of knowledge of several attorneys, architects, and home builders. Until recently, the main author, Robert Batcheller, worked for one of the largest builders in the country. Robert Batcheller shares knowledge he gained the hard way: Dealing with hundreds of angry homeowners while managing the warranty department for one of the country's largest home builders.

The original idea for this guide came from one of the authors (Jim Banks) who left the home building industry in 1999 because of the terrible changes he began to see. He was disheartened that the rapid growth in new home sales came at the expense of quality construction and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the book, go to Homebuildingpitfalls.com

To order the book, go to the website on-line order form. The e-guide version is $19.95 while the paperback version is $24.95.