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KB Home: (also known as Kaufman and Broad)

A KB Home Sucks Read about this KB Homeowner and their ongoing issues. This site features, photos, audio recordings of conversations with KB CSR's and video. Got Lemonade?

KB Home Sucks Again When my wife and I first moved to San Antonio we waited a year before we bought our home so we could learn the area and make a sound purchase. When we came out to Sundance Trails (it was Sundance Square at that time), the sales people would sell us on the upscale community with bigger homes on larger lots and fewer neighbors (400 total).

Kaufman and Broad: A Homeowners Story  Terms and Conditions for the Use of Kaufman and Broad: A Homeowners Story. We have had our share of problems with our new home. From the time we moved in (1995) until now, we have had, everything from construction defects too inadequate warranty repairs done by Kaufman and Broad employees and their subcontractors.

Kaufman and Broad Quality Is Only Lip Service. The big leaders are setting the trend in construction. What are the big leaders doing to get so rich so quickly? If our home is a representative sample of what the construction industry is up to then the real impact on our economy will not be felt for the next thirty years.

Lennar Homes:

***Everything Lennar*** This site is packed full of content related to Lennar. From reported defective Lennar homes, news, videos, galleries, to the interactive blogs and comment forms, this site has it all. Dedicated to the Lennar prospective buyer, current customer, or former employees, it has got to be the best Homeowner website detailing a builder ever made to date!

Lennar Homes - HuttoParke.com Defective homes are becoming more prominent in Texas and Hutto is no exception. HuttoParke.com is a group of concerned Huttoparke residents providing solutions collectively to retain the value of your home as an investment in regards to what we believe are defective qaulities being passed on to us by Lennar..

Lennar Homes - Hutto Highlands From when I began this site it is obvious to me Lennar has changed the construction of the homes in this neighborhood. It strikes me funny that after the launch of Huttoparke.com and Huttohighlands.com documenting the construction practices of Lennar in our area in hopes of bringing light to the lack of attention to detail we have been recieving, along with picketing the corporate giant, things are changing. Look at this picture..

Pulte Homes:

PE, retired Master builder? Pulte Homes claims that they're master builders. Really?!? Surf this blog and google the net and judge for yourself. You'll find roof trusses that were barely attached, stucco that was mixed and applied improperly, roofs that leak because roofing paper was cut and nails driven in valleys, retaining walls that collapse, foundation slabs that crack, lagoons (stormwater management ponds) that are poorly built, etc.

The Pulte Home Experience is a story of a Defective home built Pulte Homes of Ohio. This is the story of how they went about honoring the warranty. How they repaired items and the reasons they gave why they did not fix things. This saga goes through the process of a lawsuit against Pulte Homes and then a malpractice lawsuit against the attorney that represented us against Pulte Homes. Pulte Homes won the case but not because of the merits of their case.

Camp Lemonade Stand Pulte problems make veterans/homeowners virtual prisoners in defective home.

Just Another Lemon Just Another Lemon: Bad Pulte Homes experience.

Fight Pulte Homes Consumer Organization Will Announce Online Database Complaint File Concerning Pulte Homes, DiVosta Homes, Del Webb Homes, Says Executive Director Andy Martin.

Corruption At Pulte Homes is a blog about Pulte Homes.

My Pulte Experience is another example of Pulte Homes warranty practice. Major construction defects in a new home with delay and half hearted attempts to repair. This house has major structural and foundation issues.


This site is designed to express our opinion of why Pulte Homes should not be allowed to continue to operate in the State of Tennessee as a licensed contractor. On the page are descriptions of the problems we have been having with our home (including the roof, exterior walls and  the ground on which the house sits).

Pulte Homes, Master Builders? So you want to build a new home. Great! You have decided on Pulte Homes as your builder. I will not tell you that this is a good or a bad choice. My opinion is not what this web site is about. However, I will show you some pictures and reports of my home. You will learn of my family's experience with Pulte Homes.

K. Hovnanian:

K. Hovnanian. Dear Not-Khov.com website visitor- Let me start off by saying that I typically hate these types of websites. All too often people start "Gripe Sites" as a "knee-jerk" reaction to companies that have wronged them. One of my goals of this website is to provide the full facts regarding my experiences with the builder of my new home, K. Hovnanian. I hope that these facts will provide the reader with insight into the business practices of this builder, and also insight into the issues of construction defects, water intrusion and mold growth.

KHOVSUCKS.COM. Thinking about buying a K. Hovnanian Home? You may want to think about it some more!!

Beazer Homes:

Screwed By Beazer Homes I had a home Inspection and the Home Inspector said the house was lopsided, among multiple other defaults, I have written you several times to no avail, so you leave me no alternative. but to Blog, Wake up!

Stop Beazer Homes. I am a current Beazer homeowner in the midst of the battle of a lifetime all because I worked my butt off to buy my first home; which was not easy being a single mom. The reason for this myspace is I will do everything in my power to stop Beazer Homes from building one more "lemon" home & causing one more family to be as devastated as mine.

Beazer Homes - Lot 734 - Willoughby Stations. I have created this site to make known my grievances about Beazer and the lack of real response I have gotten from both Beazer and the Town of Mount Juliet. Mind you this is not a bash site. Where illegitimate grievances or just hateful posting will be made. This is my way of making public what is happening to my family and I and other people around the community.


powermark homes sucks.com

The Renovation Trap We are Mark and Carol DeCoursey, and we live in Redmond, Washington. We are making our renovation disaster known throughout the country because we've discovered grave public policy issues are at stake, not just for the people of Washington, but for homeowners everywhere.

Syncon Homes: Our 2007 La Costa home in Minden, Nevada, was built with a variety of serious Construction Defects, significant Code Violations and grave deviations from the County-approved Building Plans by Syncon Homes.

Jim Walter Homes - My Jim Walter Home Home owner website geared towards helping other consumers. Online community with members photo albums, forums and story submissions. In depth look at the legal and moral practices of Jim Walter Homes.

TK Constructors - The Stutler's TK Experience In December of 2001 our family had a home built by TK Constructors that ultimately has been the most unbelieveable NIGHTMARE that one could imagine. They did NOT hold up to their end of the contract period and have squirmed their way out of a trial of a jury of my peers by way of an arbitration clause

Finke Homes Welcome to finkehomessuck.com. This site is dedicated to presenting the truth about Finke Homes, Inc. despicable business activities. It also outlines my personal abhor and contempt for the arbitrator Margie Lynn Loeser and Finke's attorney Gary Herfel. Both are also repugnant and despicable people in their own right. Finke Homes, Inc. and their attorney are afraid of the truth becoming public knowledge.

Levitt and Sons Try to imagine the horror and disappointment I felt just after successfully completing my first round of Chemotherapy, when a nurse stepped into my room at MD Anderson Cancer Center and asked, "I bet you are glad to be going home"! I was not able to return home. I explained to the nurse that my infectious disease specialist had given me strict orders NOT to return to my house.

Long Lake, LTD and the other builders owned by this company Welcome to my blog webpage regarding Houston area homebuilder Long Lake Ltd., located in the surrounding areas of Houston, Texas.

Richmond American Homes What happens in the state of Arizona when roofs that do not meet the Uniform Building Codes, pass the city inspection anyway? What happens to hard working homeowners when the builder's warranty has expired and the statute of limitations has run out?

Dominion Homes, Dublin Ohio The goal for this site was to be for consumers to help air their opinions (good and bad) about manufactures. Unfortunately due to the prospect of a lawsuit development has been halted.

My McCreary Home Sucks. McCreary Homes, a Tucson, Arizona home builder, McCreary Homes, built our home with many defects and overcharged us approximately $78,000.00.

Our Ryland Homes. A website dedicated to Ryland Homes.

My Nightmare Home. I purchased this home in good faith after being assured it was sound! Within months my daughter and I were swarmed by Termites and every year since in the spring its the same. The builder did nothing

Welcome to the Reynen and Bardis Nightmare. This website is about our Reynen and Bardis nightmare. We purchased a home from Reynen and Bardis in December of 2002. Immediately, we started to notice some cracking in our walls. We contacted Reynen and Bardis and were told that this was normal settling and we should wait 90 days and they would correct the issue. Well it has been all down hill from there.

WOODHAVEN HOMES - HELP FOR UNHAPPY HOMEOWNERS!! This page is dedicated to finding and helping other unhappy Woodhaven Homes customers.

Devries Condos Beware This site is published as a public service to warn potential home-buyers of the business practices of DEVRIES COMPANIES

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